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Upcoming Events (5)

10 - 11Mar

Basic Small Animal Ultrasound

Both sessions for the Basic Small Animal Ultrasound course have been filled. If you would like to be put on a wait list for this program, please contact Karl Olson at (608) 265-5206 or Karl.Olson@wisc.edu.


It's Infectious!!!

This conference series is designed to present an intensive full day review of a specific topic. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information on diagnosis and therapy. The emphasis is providing practical information you can use every day. This year’s seminar focuses on Infectious Diseases. There are hundreds of infectious agents including bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. The diagnosis of an infectious disease is based on the presenting signs and clues in the history (risk factors, exposure), physical examination, routine blood work and imaging that raise our suspicion for that disease. The diagnosis is confirmed with specific testing that identifies the organism or detects an antibody response. Today’s seminar will emphasize the clinical manifestations, interpretation of diagnostic testing and therapy of covered infectious diseases.

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24 - 25Mar

WI Exotic Animal Veterinary Conference

Since 1991, student members of the WEZAM Club and their faculty advisors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine have brought together experts in the field of exotic animal care to provide veterinary professionals with current and practical information on the medical care of popular exotic companion animals. All profits from the conference go to support student learning experiences, scholarships and WEZAM Club activities.

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14 - 15Apr

Applied Animal Behavior

Participants attending this conference will come away with expanded knowledge in feline, canine, equine and bovine behavior. The lectures will focus on addressing common behavioral issues seen in practice. Attendees of the conference should leave with an understanding of how to recognize and manage behavioral cases presented during this comprehensive two-day conference.


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02 - 04May

The Dairyland Initiative Workshops

YOUNGSTOCK FACILITY DESIGN (5/2-3): This interactive workshop will combine lectures, discussion, and case based group exercises to help participants create facilities that maximize calf health and improve labor efficiency. POSITIVE PRESSURE TUBE VENTILATION DESIGN FOR CALF BARNS (5/3): Participants will leave this workshop with field-ready skills to improve respiratory health in calf barns. Trainees will be listed on The Dairyland Initiative website as trained consultants in positive pressure tube design. Following the workshop, trainees will have the opportunity to become a Dairyland Initiative Certified Consultant in PPTV design for youngstock housing. >>>Participants MUST bring a computer that has Mircrosoft Office installed to the PPTV Design workshop.<<< VENTILATING ADULT COW FACIITIES (5/4): Participants will leave this workshop with the ability to design and troubleshoot existing ventilation systems in order to provide clients with solutions that optimize animal well-being, performance, and health.

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